12 Steps Can Lead Us All to Recovery

When most people think about an addict, they might think of a homeless person under a bridge or someone going for a dumpster dive just to get their next fix. 

That’s what I thought, until… 

My own reality came crashing down as I found myself, a practicing Catholic with a great job and great friends, struggling to cope with the stressors in my life

Kelli Davis

My own reality came crashing down as I found myself, a practicing Catholic with a great job and great friends, struggling to cope with the stressors in my life. I spoke to some trusted friends, a priest, a counselor and even family members about my struggles. They did what they could, but could not really help me. 

I finally decided that I wanted regular and ongoing support and I was willing to do what I needed to get help on a regular basis. 

I found myself in a wonderful 12-step program and I became fascinated by the support I found as well as many inspiring stories of people sharing the ups and downs of recovery. I found mentorship and other people who also wanted to make better and healthier choices with almost every unhealthy coping mechanism you can imagine. They wanted to change, and so did I.  Eventually, I discovered all we need is Honesty, Open- mindedness and Willingness. ( See, it spells out H.O.W.) That is how I remember it…haha. 

As time moved on, I kept wishing there was a way to find guidance on how to implement the 12 Steps with my Catholic faith. Then, I discovered Catholic in Recovery. We have groups that meet online and in person as we discuss the Scriptures of the upcoming week and how it relates to making practical healthy choices everyday. It applies to anyone who has an unhealthy attachment to a person, a place or really…anything. 

Hope you enjoy the interview I had with the Founder, Scott Weeman. I am grateful for his “yes” to make his former mess his current message as he continues to help others with this ministry. For more info, check out his book The Twelve Steps and the Sacraments or go to

About Author

Kelli's life changed when she met Jesus for the first time on an 8th grade retreat. Since that time, she has been on a faith adventure which seems to keep her and those around her on their toes. The Lord rescued Kelli from a disordered life of anxiety, which led her to an addiction that almost killed her body, mind, and spirit. Out of love, He has been reordering and restoring Kelli's life for more than a decade through a journey of healing, transformation, and empowerment. Now, she is doing her part to help others discover the joy in little things while overcoming life's challenges with Jesus by our side. Kelli is a wife who likes to keep her husband laughing. She has developed a deep appreciation for using the Word of God as our daily medicine, for learning how not to take ourselves too seriously, and for listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit for help in everyday circumstances. Through 25+ years of experience in her faith adventure, she communicates simple and practical ways for individuals to find hope, joy, and God's presence in everyday life.

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