6 Makeup Hacks to Feel More Confident

It’s all about what makes YOU feel more confident and beautiful.

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During my teen years, I grew a love for makeup. I love all kinds of makeup, normal or special effects, that can make me feel beautiful, sparkly, or even spooky. But there are a few makeup hacks I’ve picked up that have helped me feel more confident, and I want to share it with you all!

Below, and in the video, I share very simple hacks that anyone can use. You can use them all together, each individually, or just take pieces that you love. It’s all about what makes YOU feel more confident and beautiful. So, let’s get started with these makeup hacks!

1. Moisturize and Add Your Favorite Makeup Element

For this hack, all you need is any moisturizer. The one I use is a moisturizing primer by the brand Too Faced, which I also like to use before applying any makeup. You can just put on some moisturizer and you’ll instantly feel so much better. Then you can pair it with your favorite makeup element, whether it be mascara, eyeshadow, or lipstick. Mine is eyeliner, which brings me to my second tip.

2. Top Eyeliner

Adding some eyeliner on top of your eyes is a great way to make your eyes look bigger and more awake. I like to go all out and do a long-winged eyeliner look but you can just simply add it right above your eye with a little wing. My favorite and easy-to-use eyeliner is one by Kat Von D, a felt tip that glides on with ease. 

3. Light Layer of Foundation

I like putting on a light layer of foundation to make me feel covered or if I don’t feel comfortable with how my face looks that day. It instantly makes me feel better. My favorite foundation is this weightless one called Naked by Urban Decay, and I apply it with my Beauty Blender. I put just a few drops all over my face and pat it on with the blender. Then I make sure to add some blush or bronzer to liven up my face and to avoid looking flat-faced or dead. 

4. Add Sparkle or a Pop of Color

If you’re like me and you like glitter, you know that adding some sparkle to your face makes you feel so pretty! If you’re not a fan of sparkle or glitter, then just a pop of color is for you. I suggest adding a pop of sparkle or color onto your eyes like eyeshadow, and adding some highlighter onto your cheekbones as well. 

5. Use Your Favorite Lipstick or Add a Pop of Color

Adding a pop of your favorite lip color can instantly make you feel confident and beautiful when you put it on. This is a very effective makeup hack for me. Whenever I put on my dark red lipstick, I feel ready to take on the day! Also, since all are wearing masks, I suggest putting on a matte lipstick to make sure it doesn’t rub off and smear.

6. Quarantine Hack

This makeup hack is something I’ve been doing since quarantine – only applying makeup on the top half of my face. It can feel funny to do only the parts the mask doesn’t cover, but it looks completely normal when you’re out wearing your mask. I start with applying concealer under my eyes and in the middle of my forehead, then blend it out. Next, I would do some eye makeup, bringing in some of the eye makeup hacks above. And lastly, I will fill out and define my eyebrows. For this I use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my eyebrows and my concealer lined along the top and bottom to define them. I feel beautiful and comfortable doing this look whenever I need to go out with my mask on. 

So, these are all the simple makeup hacks I have for you guys right now. I hope you use them, adapt them, or try something new. Let me know if you do and how they make you feel! If you want any more tips from me, just comment on this and I will definitely try and help you. Just know I am not a professional makeup artist – I really love doing makeup and these are the hacks that I do to make me feel more confident and more beautiful. I’m a quick learner when it comes to makeup, so if I don’t have the answer immediately, I will definitely find it for you! I hope you enjoy this post and the video!

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Alyssa is a 23-year-old master’s student studying communications. She lives at home in sunny Florida, enjoys watching movies and binging tv shows, hoping to one day produce films of her own in which to act. Creatively she enjoys writing in any medium, fashion, doing makeup and dressing up in costumes. She loves to travel by plane, train, car and especially cruises, and hopes to see the world. Caring, kind and loving, she tends to see the good in all people. Alyssa’s calling is to make people smile through her creativity, sharing God’s message of love through how she lives. Her motto is to live every day with a spirit of gratitude.

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