Advent Giving Stories

Happy new year, friends! With the passing of the old calendar year and the start of a new year (and editorial cycle), it’s a good time to reflect on where we’ve been. So while Advent and Christmas are past, we decided to take some time and reflect on this year’s Advent Giving.

During Advent, the Little With Great Love team reflected on little ways in which that we could, as our founder Lisa put it, “live as a gift to others by doing little things with great love this Advent.”

Here are some stories from the team.

Lisa Martinez

I was praying how God wanted me to give this season. After a year of many challenges for a dear friend, I felt like He wanted me to take care of her in a very practical way from 1,500+ miles away: to order a house cleaning service for her so she could just relax with her family on her day off amidst sickness and this very busy season.

Bridget Holtz

10 brand new coats bought and donated to a children’s coat drive this December. Yes, it gets cold in Austin! Many organizations have coat and winter accessory drives, asking for new or gently used coats. Many refugee assistance organizations have these drives as well. I was thrilled to locate a group here in Austin which is getting warm coats to the numerous refugees at our border here in Texas. An easy, anonymous way to literally warm those most in need this season of giving.

Citlalin Ossio

This Advent I’m supporting Rehumanize International, one of my favorite human rights organizations that advocates for one of the greatest gifts God gives, the gift of life!

Rehumanize International is a nonprofit and nonpartisan advocate group committed to protecting the worth of every human being from conception to natural death through education, discourse, and action. They speak on various Consistent Life Ethic topics and hold an annual conference and art contest that I highly recommend everyone check out!

I’m so happy and proud to support this amazing group that’s at the frontlines, fighting injustices against the most vulnerable, forgotten, and attacked. And I welcome everyone to pray for and support pro-life advocates in what way you can this season.

Because each one of us is loved and irreplaceable, created in the image and likeness of God. Even though most in the world have forgotten that, we mustn’t lose hope and grow lukewarm to the battle. It is difficult and bleak, no doubt about it. But God will sustain us and will multiply our efforts.

Alyssa Sanchez

As I was wondering in what way I’m going to give this Advent, the bar in my closet broke and all my clothes came falling down. It felt like a message to me that I had too many clothes. I tend to hold onto my clothing items for a long time when in reality I wear the same five shirts and pants. I took this as a sign for me to clear my closet and give a majority of my clothes to charity. I filled up four big bags and then it was time to decide where it’ll go. Instead of dropping it off at my local Goodwill (like I usually would do) I decided to deliver it to the Missionaries of Charity in Miami. This is a charity I used to help serve at in high school and is our patroness, Mother Teresa, ministry.

Caitlyn Pszonka

Advent is one of the busiest times of the year for me, working the family toffee business. I rarely have time to buy gifts before Christmas. But when Lisa suggested this year’s Advent Angels project, I shifted my perspective from a place of preparing and selling products. Instead, I tried to let God use me and my work as prayer. In that way, He could make me a gift even while I helped prepare thousands of gifts for others.

It wasn’t always easy, and I never managed to surrender perfectly. But I pray that through those little gifts, His love was made manifest to others.

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Caitlyn Pszonka serves as our Editor. She is first and foremost a beloved daughter of God and uses her gifts as a co-creator for love of Him and His Body, the Church. With degrees in Creative Writing and Theology, she loves to get at deeper truths through telling stories in various forms, including novels, poems, plays, and songs. Caitlyn shares her visual art, in addition to reflections on diving ever deeper in love with God, at Heart to Sacred Heart.

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