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Hey slacker friends! Welcome to Episode 20 of Season 3 of Saints for Slackers. It’s Lisa Martinez, the Founder of Little With Great Love and your Podcast Co-host. Let’s party like it’s 1999! 

INTRO: We’ve got a super special episode planned for tonight, slackers. Since it’s our Season 3 Finale, we are hosting a LIVE Zoom featuring special guests—like members of our Little With Great Love team, guest podcasters, sponsors, and friends. 

We’re also celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Little With Great Love today, January 10th. Since we just celebrated Epiphany this past Sunday, which is the culmination of the Advent and Christmas seasons, that provided the theme for tonight: Epiphany Stories. It’s the perfect time to gather together, laugh, and share from our hearts about this season as a community. So for those of you listening to this episode later, this is a replay of our LIVE, which you can also watch the video on the Little With Great Love YouTube Channel.

Before I start bringing our special guests on screen to share, let’s briefly recap Epiphany, especially for the slackers who missed Episode 19, my episode on Epiphany. The feast of Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, celebrates the revelation that Jesus was the Son of God, illuminating the mysteries of the Advent & Christmas seasons. The star wasn’t what epiphany is all about, it’s CHRIST, our king and the manifestation of our savior.

The word epiphany is a manifestation of truthBishop Baron describes it    as something that has appeared, but in a very intense way. So, it’s not just getting our attention, but revealing something of enormous significance. It’s a breakthrough — a powerful way God speaks to us. 


Alyssa Sanchez – Social Media Manager, Contributor, Designer; Ep 17 – St. Genevieve

Tati Ossio – Contributor, Sales & Marketing Associate who spearheaded sponsorship; Ep 7 – The 3rd Sunday of Advent + St. Juan Diego

Caitlyn Pszonka – Editor, Artist, and podcaster; Ep 14 – St. John the Evangelist

Tammi McCarthy – Contributor & Spiritual Mom; Ep 13 – The Nativity of the Lord


Huge thanks, as their generous support thru financial contributions made this season possible.

Patrick Pulis – Saint of the Month Sponsor + Podcaster

Special shout out to Dominic de Souza of Legend Fiction, who told us he was unable to make it tonight.

And thanks to our other sponsors of Season 3 not present: Catholic in Recovery + Euphrosyne Corner Solutions, Red Bird Ministries and Zelie Crafts


Ann Koshute of Springs in the Desert: Ep 12 – Sts. Adam & Eve

Patrick Pulis of Saint of the Month: Ep 2 – St. Andrew

I’ll end by sharing my Epiphany, one of the most intense of my life, as my husband and I faced a near death experience in Dallas, on my birthday. Watch the video, for the story, which reminded me of God’s deep care amidst the darkness. 

A big epiphany was finishing the year SOFT. This is not my MO. I’m a Type A go out on top kinda strong finisher. But all my sales slumped as it took weeks to recover from COVID to then get into a near fatal car wreck, and have all my priorities rearranged, with a massive need to pull back and rest.



St. Lovehandle, the patron saint of dad bods

St. Curmudgeon, the patron saint of cranky pants

St. Hotflash, the patron saint of menopause

And since I’m now a Texan, St. Bootscoot  the patron saint of Two Steppers

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Creative, Entrepreneur & Silly-Heart. Christ has called her to bring the broken to His Sacred Heart. Calls Austin home with her mountain-man husband, Mike, who she loves to travel through life with as well as around the world.

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