Episode 0: Saints for Slackers Season 4 Kickoff


The Little Way is St. Therese’s spiritual approach that embraces the heart of the Gospel, living a way of trust, love and total reliance upon God. At its core, The Little Way involves seeking to completely abandon ourselves to God’s will, doing ordinary things with extraordinary love, or little hidden acts of charity for others out of love for Christ. It’s quite literally doing things “little with great love.” Hence the name of our ministry.

Even though she is now a Doctor of the Church, Therese once felt the path to sainthood was so daunting, and the saints such giants of the faith, that it could not be done.

She said, “I am too small to climb the rough stairway of perfection. I searched, then, in the Scriptures for some sign of this elevator, the object of my desires.”

The Little Way makes our path to holiness, to becoming saints, simple and accessible to all. 

When we say St. Therese’s spirituality embraces the heart of the Gospel, this goes back to when Christ said, “Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of God.” Mt 18:3

Just as little children need their parents to do everything for them, we must approach Our Heavenly Father the same way. We come to Him in our vulnerability, weakness, humility, to surrender and submit our will to be totally dependent on Him to do all for us, especially to make us holy.

If Heaven is our goal, then spiritual childhood is the means towards that end. We do not strive to try harder to be holy, we ask God to help and allow Him to do the work in and through us. With our focus on God over selves, we can maintain the childlike outlook needed for everyday living.

We’re introducing the Little Way by breaking it down into five of the primary themes.


We’ll introduce these THEMES weekly on Sundays and break them down through a new group of saints that exemplify each theme through their lives. We’ll also tie each one back to The Little Way and/or St. Therese.

The themes are:

Week 2-3: Love
Week 4-5: Humility                  
Week 6-7: Trust           
Week 8-9: Sacrifice
Week 10-11: Abandonment + Finale


  • Same: Brief (3-5 min) reflections on the weekly theme, saint, or feast (like the Immaculate Conception on Dec 8)
  • Season 4 starts today, September 21, 2023 and runs through November 30th, with podcasts posting on our blogs and across podcast apps on Sundays and Thursdays
  • Jeff and I will open and close the season, plus host a LIVE event at the end where we’ll have some surprise for you
  • Podcasters: Team + more 13 NEW guest podcasters. Our fabulous guests include ministry founders and/or directors, Catholic life coaches, veterans, authors, small business owners, plus a Catholic Radio assistant and an Editor-in-chief
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Creative, Entrepreneur & Silly-Heart. Christ has called her to bring the broken to His Sacred Heart. Calls Austin home with her mountain-man husband, Mike, who she loves to travel through life with as well as around the world.

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