Finding Freedom in Overcoming the “I’m Not Enough” Lie

Why do we struggle with the lie “I’m not enough?” We might be working in the house or driving down the road, and we’re hit with a memory. The next thing we know we’re getting on our own case, telling ourselves all the things we did wrong or what we should have done differently. We get frustrated and start spiraling into the abyss of “I’m not enough.” 

Overcoming this lie takes time. It won’t happen overnight. God often heals in layers. So, He’ll heal one layer of “I’m not enough.” And just when we think we’ve “arrived” at the peak of enoughness, He takes us on another level of healing, and we’re like…Wait? What??? Why am I here? 

Over time though, as we lean in and let God do what He does best, we do find healing. We need to know what’s at the root of this lie in our own lives? Is it because we were “too much” for others? Is it because we were unseen? Is it because we were not respected when we should have been? 

Perfectionism is a symptom of ‘not enoughness.’ We strive for perfectionism, because if we get it right, maybe we’ll finally be enough. 

We need to understand that we’re not perfect, and it’s okay. God doesn’t expect that of us and neither do our close friends. 

In this video, I give four ways to start working towards overcoming this lie. This may be a lifelong journey, but I promise you that by taking it, you will begin to find that freedom that comes with realizing that, yes, you are lovable. That you don’t have to be everything for everyone, and that it’s okay if there are people out there who just can’t see your enoughness. 

When you begin to see your own enoughness, the rest of the stuff that digs at that lie slowly starts to fade. You’ll recognize when you’re starting to spiral and stop the cycle. You’ll begin to focus on those relationships and friendships that encourage and uplift you. And you’ll know that the one who created you, who put so much into forming every day for you, sees you. He sees your heart and you will always be enough for Him. 

My friend, you are beautiful. You are beloved. Give it all to Him. In that surrender and trust, you’ll begin to see your incredible value and worth and know that in Him, you are enough. 

Jesu, ufam tobie
Jesus, I trust in you. 

not enough lie
About Author

Michelle Hillaert is a wife, mother, bestselling author, coach, and a woman of vision. She is passionate about spending time with her family, making memories, and being intentional in cultivating an intimate relationship with Christ. As an entrepreneur, avid blogger, and website design and branding enthusiast, Michelle is a recovering perfectionist who gets a woman’s desire to strive for more. A mom of 6 kids, she is attuned to the needs of busy women striving to stay ahead while still being “good enough.” She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and best friend, Trent. They have fun creating a close family culture and sharing the lessons they’ve learned in over 20 years of marriage in their new ministry and podcast, Catholic Family Uncorked.

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