All We Need Is in His Sacred Heart

Follow your heart. Our culture is driven by this concept, which today often entails doing what is right for you, fulfilling all your desires, and hustling to make it happen. Pursuing your dreams and finding fulfillment are worthwhile endeavors, but have you ever found your heart divided about someone or something? Or desired and pursued something that wasn’t good for you? I have. Those stories didn’t end well.  Beyond its vital physiological functions, we attribute love, wisdom, and compassion with the heart. Sacred Scripture also ascribes spiritual functions to this complex organ. The 1,000+ Scripture passages about the heart tie it to the core of our being, our identity.   One of the most jarring yet candid Scriptures on the human heart is:  The heart is deceitful above all things,    and desperately corrupt;    who can understand it?‘I the Lord search the mind    and try the … Continue reading All We Need Is in His Sacred Heart