Our Lady of Guadalupe

A popular phrase we say here in Louisiana is, “ Who’s your momma, are you Catholic, and can you make a roux?” 

Well, for the sake of this podcast, Saints for Slackers, I’m gonna change that up a bit–are you ready? How about this?

 “Who’s your momma, and does she really care for you?”

That might sound a bit silly, but that is pretty much what she asked Juan Diego in his own Mexican dialect in 1531 near Mexico City. He was a simple peasant farmer, he was a widower taking care of his sick uncle, and he was a recent convert to the Catholic faith. 

The 2nd time Our Lady appeared, she said, “Come back here tomorrow, Juanito” (using his own dialect and calling him by his nickname), and the next day came around, and Juan Diego’s uncle got really sick and he asked Juan Diego to go get a priest to hear his confession and anoint him. So, Juan did what many of us might do, he kind of freaked out. And instead of going to the same place he was supposed to meet Our Lady, he went around the mountain in the other direction–trying to avoid her so he could avoid being interrupted with his plan.  

How many times do we freak out and come up with our own plan rather than run to Our Lady for her intercession? I can totally relate to running around the mountain in the opposite direction I need to be going in…

Anyway, so what does Mary do? She shows up along his path anyway and she asks him–

 Juanito, do not be afflicted about anything, not even with illness or any other harmful things. Am I not here, am I not your Mother? Are you not under my protection and care? “

Our Lady of Guadalupe

To me, in my Cajun translation, Mary is saying, “Kelli…KK (insert your nickname here), am I not your momma? Don’t you know I have your back, my girl? Calm down, take a deep breath…I got you–I am your momma and I’m here for you.”

I believe if I asked for our momma’s intercession every time I freaked out about things I cannot control, I would have more peace and sincerity in my life. What about you? Do you believe Mary is your momma and she’s got your back?

How do you think your level of inner peace might change if you asked for her intercession a little more rather than relying on your own plan?

By the way, Mary is a total fashionista. If you haven’t already checked it out, go take a look at her dress and why she calls herself Our Lady of Guadalupe. Learn more about the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and find out the meaning behind it. Mary is awesome and knows how to get the attention of all her children. 

Mary, we know you are here for us, please intercede for us and our intentions. 

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Kelli's life changed when she met Jesus for the first time on an 8th grade retreat. Since that time, she has been on a faith adventure which seems to keep her and those around her on their toes. The Lord rescued Kelli from a disordered life of anxiety. Out of love, He has been reordering and restoring her life for more than a decade through a journey of healing, transformation, and empowerment. Now, she is doing her part to help others discover the joy in little things while overcoming life's challenges with Jesus by our side. Kelli is a wife who likes to keep her husband laughing. She has developed a deep appreciation for using the Word of God as our daily medicine, for learning how not to take ourselves too seriously, and for listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit for help in everyday circumstances. Through 25+ years of experience in her faith adventure, she communicates simple and practical ways for individuals to find hope, joy, and God's presence in everyday life.

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