Revival Series: Overcoming Doubt & Self-reliance (Pt 2)

Editor’s Note: The following is part 2 of 2 of a live Crowdcast talk on Overcoming Doubt & Self-reliance by Kelli Davis and Lisa Martinez. You can read and watch part 1 by Lisa here. These talks are the last in a 4-week Revival Series on desert fruits presented by our discipleship team. The rest of the talks are found here on the blog and on our YouTube channel starting on April 14, 2021.

One of the Best Tools to Overcoming Doubt is Remembering What God Has Done for Us in the Past 

  1. Stories of God’s providence when working at the community diner.
  • The 18 wheeler delivered cases of water right when we needed it
  • After the refrigerator broke, a local appliance store delivered a new refrigerator  hours after without even knowing we needed one

2. The story of how God paid my medical bill ( see Ain’t God Good blog.)

What We Tell Ourselves vs. What is the Truth? 

I recognized the lies I was believingHe showed me the Truth 
I admitted I was wrong He gave me His Mercy
I asked for help He sent angels and saints to be with me
I surrendered everythingHe provided
I let go of the past He reminded me of my future 
I finally decided to trust Him completely I can’t even express the multiple ways He has proven his presence 

5 Steps to Help the Restoration Process & Keep Us Living in the Truth

  1. Pray: Come Holy Spirit & ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth about your life/situation. 
  2. Privately ask for the Lord to forgive you for your sins and wash you clean with His Precious Blood.
  3. Be quiet and listen to what He tells you. 
  4. Go to Confession.
  5. Speak the Truth: Read the Word out loud over your life.

Also, read Kelli’s blog on “Ain’t God Good.” 

About Author

Kelli's life changed when she met Jesus for the first time on an 8th grade retreat. Since that time, she has been on a faith adventure which seems to keep her and those around her on their toes. The Lord rescued Kelli from a disordered life of anxiety, which led her to an addiction that almost killed her body, mind, and spirit. Out of love, He has been reordering and restoring Kelli's life for more than a decade through a journey of healing, transformation, and empowerment. Now, she is doing her part to help others discover the joy in little things while overcoming life's challenges with Jesus by our side. Kelli is a wife who likes to keep her husband laughing. She has developed a deep appreciation for using the Word of God as our daily medicine, for learning how not to take ourselves too seriously, and for listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit for help in everyday circumstances. Through 25+ years of experience in her faith adventure, she communicates simple and practical ways for individuals to find hope, joy, and God's presence in everyday life.

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