Revival Series: Waiting in the Silence (Pt 2)

Editor’s Note: The following is part 2 of a live Crowdcast talk on Waiting in the Silence by Tammi McCarthy and Bridget Holtz. Read and watch part 1 by Tammi here. These talks are part of a 4-week Revival Series on desert fruits presented by our discipleship team.

  • Experiencing continued uncertainty with the pandemic and postponement of normally easy-to-plan activities
    • Grieving deaths, losses, the “different normalcy” of today after a year of Zoom Living
    •  The distance we all feel from the life we used to know, whether that was good or bad
    • For me, grieving the deaths of patients, colleagues, friends and family from a distance, the interruption of the standard grieving process
    • Lack of travel! I let my passport expire last year, for goodness sake! I miss the flexibility of planning vacations, international destinations, visiting family and friends without concerns for safety and vaccination/COVID status
    • Isolation, and everything about it. Lack of physical touch, lack of closeness, lack of being in the presence of others while having difficult or intimate conversations. Fear as we walk into small social gatherings again, re-learning social cues and seeing body language again
  • My own experience of waiting, being an older single woman with wounds
    • Mentioning Jesus’ waiting years, the “invisible 18 years” in His life
    • My time away from the field of life, healing
    • Learning who I was and taking the time to better care for myself and receive care from others
    • So much can be taught in the quiet and uncertain, especially when the next step is not known – worry versus trust
  • It’s useless to force what cannot happen yet
    • Pruning process and formation needed before life changes, the dangers in rushing to a relationship or other big decisions
    • Fact is–we may just not be ready for something we desperately want yet
    • Internal renovations/reconstruction on our hearts and minds (and bodies) in preparation for God’s will
    • Finding contentment with where we are, trusting in someone else’s will and plan for our lives

Also, read Bridget’s blog on “The Goodness In Waiting.”

About Author

Bridget is a deep-thinking compassionate caregiver with a love for color, culture, travel, kindness and the encouraging word. Called to seek out and serve the lost, vulnerable, broken and oppressed. A pediatric nurse, she has worked in numerous inpatient and outpatient settings, and with the underserved domestically and internationally. She carries a particular call to stand with the impoverished, whether they be affected materially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. She currently lives in Austin, TX with her dog Nigel.

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