Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

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St. Elizabeth of Hungary was the first saint I remember having a real connection to. I remember my dad reading to me about her from the Story Library of the Saints and dreaming about being a princess. As a child, that was probably the thing I admired most about her. I mean, what little girl doesn’t want to grow up and be a princess at some point? In that book there is a picture of Elizabeth humbly kneeling with her golden crown sitting on the pew behind her while the queen sits grumpily looking over her. As a girl, I remember thinking of that picture when I was in Mass and trying to kneel like she did in that picture. Now that I’m older, that act of humility (and my dad reading that story to me) means so much more to me as I try to imitate much more than just Elizabeth’s posture.

One of my favorite things about St. Thérèse and St. Elizabeth of Hungary is how doable their path to Sainthood seems. I mean how hard is it to set down your crown, live a humble little life and love God above all else? Sounds super easy, right? It should be, but it’s also easy to take for granted the love that surrounds us. In the picture from the book, it’s clear who is paying attention to the greatest love story ever told and who is just going through the motions and trying to keep up appearances. 

Most of us don’t have physical crowns we are being asked to set down these days, but we are called to set down our pride, selfishness, and distractions to make room for the Lord. How often when I feel called to do something do I first think “What will my friends think about this?” and center my own image. How often do I feel called to help another but stop when it’s too hot and I’d rather stay in the comfort of my nice air conditioned house (y’all this Texas summer heat is no joke). How often do I say “just one” minute to my kids because I’m playing on my phone? How different would my life be if instead of seeing these things as obligations, I viewed them as an opportunity to joyfully love God and my neighbors. Love shouldn’t be something that we do only when it’s convenient. It’s something that we are called to live every day. Even in the most ordinary of moments.

The most enduring acts of love aren’t always grand gestures. Often, it’s the small daily examples of faith that have the most profound impact.

Rosemary Terrell

While I often still dream of being a princess (more for the household staff than the crown these days), Thérèse and Elizabeth challenge me to do the ordinary daily tasks that come with being a wife, mother, and business owner joyfully out of love for God as well as those around me. As a mom now, I read those same saint stories to my kids that my dad read to me. His little act of love for me and God is now bearing fruit in the hearts of my children. The most enduring acts of love aren’t always grand gestures. Often, it’s the small daily examples of faith that have the most profound impact.

Rosemary Terrell is the owner of Mama’s Little Loves. She is from Central Texas where her husband and kids embark on their beautifully chaotic journey to raise and become saints. Her shop is filled with little items made with love that serve as little reminders of faith in life’s ordinary moments.

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