Little saintly inspirations because even Slackers are called to holiness!

Hey Slacker, there's no good reason not listen to a 3-minute little reflection, right?​
The Saints for Slackers Podcast launched in 2021 to share little inspirations with all of us slackers whom God calls to be saints. A “CliffNotes on the saints” for slackers, our podcast episodes feature a 3-5 minute reflection of an inspiring saint and introduce a hilarious “wannabe patron saint” created by our team to pair faith and fun.
Our Fall 2023 Little Way Edition will focus on our patroness, St. Thérèse of Lisieux. We will introduce her “Little Way” spirituality weekly through its primary themes. This season will feature 19 new saints who embody the Little Way in themes like love, humility, trust, sacrifice, and abandonment.
Podcasts are presented by our restoration ministry team + special guests, and are enjoyed by kids to retirees. So join in the fun and get inspired, as we’re all called to holiness, including us slackers!

While this podcast launched during Lent and became an instant hit, with listeners in 50 countries. Despite 2 seasons launched during Lent & Advent, the reflections are perfect to pick up any time of the year, Slacker! Click below on our Spotify player to listen to our latest episode, and check out our list of episodes. The podcasts are also all here as BLOGS, so you can read and/or listen to the reflections.

Available to listen on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Support our non-profit restoration ministry by purchasing some stylish slacker swag in our shop! As of Fall 2023, we have 3 original collections: The Founders’ Collection, The Wannabe Saints Collection, and the Saints Collection. From hoodies, tees, water bottles, stickers, totes, tanks, mugs and more, we’ve got faith-inspiring and fun swag for everyone!

Listen. Reflect. Restore.

Think “sowing mustard seeds.” Some are funny, some are challenging, but all will call you on in your faith walk. Our little saintly snippets get back to the basics of the faith. “Slackers” by no means makes light of our path to holiness, but rather reminds us that we’re all striving for sainthood. It also helps lighten our hearts that have endured such great hardships, especially over the past couple of years.

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Season 2 Podcast Episodes

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