Spanish-Language Artists to Add to Your Catholic Music Playlists

“To sing is to pray twice.”

St. Augustine

Isn’t music a great way to praise God and to spread His message of love? It’s a powerful, almost magical, art, and it offers so much beauty, goodness, and truth, especially praise and worship music.

I’ll be honest, it was only until recently that I finally got into Catholic music. While I’d enjoyed a song or two before, I was happy sticking to my video game soundtracks and K-pop. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a fully initiated Catholic now or what. Regardless, this year I’ve been hooked on some Spanish-language Catholic musicians, and I want the whole world to fall in love with them too. These artists turn my attention to God and help me praise Him joyfully and with hope. Their songs resonate with my soul, fueling my ever-growing love for God.

And if you don’t understand Spanish, don’t let that stop you from giving these songs a try. Maybe listening to them will inspire you to learn so you can enjoy them to the fullest!

1 – Hakuna Group Music

I’m starting with my favorite Catholic musicians who’ve been on repeat for the past 3 months. If you remember only one thing from this blog, let it be Hakuna Group Music.

When my oldest sister introduced me to this group of Spanish Catholic artists I never imagined that I’d fall in love with them. She’d shared a few Catholic songs with me before, but none hit me, not like Hakuna or the first song of theirs that I heard.

Sencillamente, translated as Simply, is about how good it is to follow God simply, when we have doubts and feel nothing, how good it is to love Him just because. The lyrics express what I want spiritually: I don’t want to overthink my love for God or base it on my feelings. I want to simply love Him.

I also love that it focuses on the three theological virtues of faith, hope, and love, and despite its title, the music itself is far from simple. It has this epicness to it with how it starts soft and builds up with the instruments and voices. Side note: One of my dreams is to write a story with a music-based magic system, and when I first heard Sencillamente, it felt perfect for the final battle scene when the heroes rally after all hope seems lost. That’s the feeling I get when I listen to it. It never fails to fill me with this overwhelming courage to love and trust God.

Other beautiful Hakuna songs that are on repeat for me are:

Dime Padre (Tell Me Father) – The lyrics are from Jesus’s perspective, lamenting to His Father about the brokenness of humanity and how badly He wants to heal us. It’s a poignant song and, in classic Catholic fashion, it ends with an epic hopeful verse reminiscent of the Resurrection and with a nod to Our Blessed Mother. I love it so much.

Noche (Night) – The lyrics are a litany for different groups of people who are suffering and in need of God’s mercy like drug addicts, prostitutes, those persecuted and their persecutors, those contemplating suicide, in prison and so many more. I love that this song is a prayer that calls to mind people I don’t pray for enough.

Huracán (Hurricane) – This song is a duet, with one singer asking God where He is in our worst moments but still trusting Him, while the second set of lyrics are from Jesus’s perspective, responding to the first singer that He is in the Eucharist. I love that this song doesn’t shy away from the doubt we experience when we’re scared and feel hopeless while still calling listeners to seek and trust God in that doubt, specifically to seek Him in the Blessed Sacrament.  

The whole Sencillamente album. Just trust me, all the songs are brilliant.

(I haven’t listened to their other albums because I’ve been obsessed with these mentioned, but I’m sure you can go ahead and add all their songs to your playlists.)

2 – Estación Cero

Nunca para de Llover (Never Stops Raining) – My favorite thing about this song is that despite the depressing sounding title (and the acoustic version’s melancholic tone), this song is hopeful and uplifting because it reminds us that what never stops raining is God’s love.

Vivir el Hoy (Live the Present) – This one is by a group of religious sisters, Comunicadoras Eucarísticas del Padre Celestíal and features both Estación Cero and a soloist, Kairy Marquez. It’s a bright, joyful melody that reminds listeners to hope in God even in our uncertainties and that He is all we need. I remember when I first heard it, the lyrics reminded me of the sappy love songs I used to listen to as a teen, except it was about God! I’m not a fan of secular love songs anymore, at least English and Spanish ones that I can understand, but love songs for God, I can get behind.

Donde Estés (Wherever You Are) – Another song that with lyrics from the perspective of Jesus that expresses His merciful love for us.

Tuyo Soy (I’m Yours) feat. Ana Bolivar and Nada (Nothing) – These two are upbeat love songs to God that you can bob your head to.

Fuego (Fire) – A song with club/techno vibes invoking the Holy Spirit. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds, and I love it.

3 – La Voz del Desierto

Déjalo Todo y Sígueme a Mí (Leave Everything and Follow Me) – This song has been on repeat for me for two simple reasons: it’s from God’s perspective and I love the rock vibe.

Also fun fact, 3 members of this Spanish rock band are priests!

4 – Verónica Sanfilippo

Donde Quiera Que Tu Estés (Wherever You Are) – I’ve had this fun praise and worship song on repeat for its indie/alternative rock vibe.

El Nombre de Jesús (The Name of Jesus) – This praise and worship song meditates on the name of Jesus, so despite its more simple and repetitive lyrics it’s still a powerful song.

5 – Donna Peña & Mariachi Flor y Canto

These next ones are praise and worship music performed by a mariachi band, which might not be for everyone, but listening to Catholic songs performed in the style of traditional mariachi hits two parts of my identity, being Catholic and Mexican, so I find a lot of pride as well as joy listening to these.

El Peregrino de Emaus (The Traveler to Emmaus)

Digo Si, Señor (I Say Yes Lord)

Resucitó (He is Risen)

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