St Josemaria Escriva

Do everything for love. That way there are no little things. Everything is big.”

St Josemaria Escriva

Every interaction. Every movement or action, when done out of love, can have a large impact on us and on those around us. 

St Josemaria Escriva believed this. Canonized by St. John Paul II, this Spanish priest organized a group of laypeople and priests whose teachings were centered on the belief that everyone is called to holiness by God. Fr. Escriva’s lay foundation called “Opus Dei” means “Work of God.” This movement taught that our ordinary life can lead us to sanctity. 

Fr. Escriva was quoted, “It is in the simplicity of your ordinary walk, in the monotonous details of each day, that you have to find the secret, which is hidden from so many, of something great and new: love.”

Ordinary work. You can have a missionary call in the quiet confines of your own home. Have you ever been told that the monotonous details of your everyday life are leading you closer to Christ? That walking the dog, doing laundry, and cleaning the dishes can all become instruments for our sanctity if done with love? That love can strengthen all virtues, and bring us closer to the Kingdom simply by doing what our vocation asks of us. 

As a founding member of Little with Great Love, this quote speaks to my identity and mission. To do little things with great love is a call that our ministry looks to respond to. We seek to live our life with this very intention. This beautiful quote from Fr. Escriva elevates this mission with the belief that there are no little things –  only big things when you love. 

How are you being called to bring more love to those whom you encounter? How can you give more love to your everyday chores and tasks? Let us seek love so that everything we do has a bigger purpose in our life. 

St Josemaria Escriva
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