Using God’s Gifts to Find Your Purpose in Life

Scripture Basis: Isaiah 43:1 “Do not fear, I have redeemed you, I have called you by name. You are mine.”

To first understand our strengths and purpose, we have to be firm in our identity.

Who am I to others? What lies have I believed about myself?

  • I grew up as a people pleaser, conditioned by strong women to understand that blind obedience equals love. With little direction over my day-to-day, I often felt paralyzed by foreign tasks and had little assistance with problem solving. I constantly just did what I was told. Straight A student.
  • As I entered high school, I felt very alone with little guidance. I often felt misunderstood, felt alone in my problems and in the way that I thought. I clung to my faith as a vessel for everything and sought guidance from the Holy Spirit in all my actions. I started to question some of the ideals and beliefs that my parents held.
  • There were too many lies that I had heard for too long: I was “too much.” I “talked a ton.” I monopolized conversations. At the same time, I struggled with feelings that I was “not enough”. I had a long-term boyfriend once say to me that “You are everyone’s idea of a trophy girlfriend, but I just don’t love you.” Trying to be perfect, I still fell short. I tried so hard to be more meek, less talkative, more pious.
  • In a conversation with my husband Dan, he was asking me to share more of myself with him. I was uncomfortable with his probing of my heart. I had no dreams, no freedom of thought, no control of my heart. I felt like I was exposed… I didn’t know my own heart.

Who does God say that I am?

  • Lovable for who I am, and there is a place for me in His Kingdom. In my junior year, God spoke into my heart in such a profound way in Europe when I studied abroad. He introduced me to St. Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila, these fiery, tenacious sisters that I would come to love. He purged my heart from a desire to be anything but who I truly am. I got rid of a lot of my clothing. I bought scarves, and cute Italian boots, and I felt true freedom for the first time in a long time.
  • Lover of people with a Servant’s Heart: I spent my high school and college years in ministry. In that time, I gave countless talks, retreats, service, and went on mission trips. I founded and ran a chastity group at Franciscan University. God was showing me that I had a heart for people.
  • A Storyteller: I love learning about people. I love learning about who people are and what their story is. God says that I’m a speaker, podcaster, blogger, and storyteller.Gift of Connection: Brene Brown says “Vulnerability begets connection.” People joke around that when I would ask how they were doing, they thought that I could “see into their souls.” I would ask people how they were doing, and they would say, “I don’t know why I feel like I’m supposed to share this with you. I love connecting with people and being able to help them.
  • Gift of Wisdom and Discernment – Using these gifts in my ministry when I pray with others. God has placed me in many situations to give advice. I began blogging as a way to share advice and my heart with others.

How can I use my strengths to find my purpose in life? (Using the strengths finder and the Brings/Needs form)

  • Communication; I love to chat, and speak with people led to my blogging, podcasting and speaking engagements
  • Empathy; Huge strength for anyone doing ministry work
  • Woo; I worked for a few months in our burger business and loved meeting with new customers. I ran the front of the house, and worked with vendors, and other clients. Customers would come in just to say hi and visit. I loved that part of my job.Belief; I love that my work with LWGL is so connected with my belief system.
  • Developer (this was one of the surprises for me, but when I thought about it, it just made sense); I spent a few months helping hire new employees for my brother’s burger business. I was able to use my woo to get great employees who were passionate about our mission of teamwork and accountability.

Conclusion: Look at what your strengths are and how you are using those to glorify God. How can I use these gift more in my professional and personal purpose for my life?

Takeaway: We do not have only one purpose. God is with us in all our endeavors. God has a purpose for your life, but He first offers you the blessing of who you are, and the freedom to sit in all your gifts.

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Tammi has a heart for people and a need to communicate her love through blogging about parenting, homeschooling, marriage, and her faith journey as a Catholic. As a former teacher and now homeschooling mom of five, Tammi sprinkles humor and sarcasm into many of her Instagram posts and personal blogs. Both Franciscan University alumni, she and her husband of over 22 years live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Through her authentically Catholic blog she strives to “fill the banquet table of the Lord” through writing about His whispers of love and faith. Check out her blog:

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